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Social Customer Service

Social media isn’t just about marketing. It’s about customer service. Empower your teams to deliver exceptional

customer support in real-time with Semanticum Social Customer Service Solution.


Transform Social Media into Customer Service

Connect Semanticum to your existing platform and help desk solutions to make social a viable channel for customer care.

Custom Integrations

Integrate Semanticum with your existing help desk solutions to keep social and support teams work across platforms without leaving their dashboards.

Monitor the Entire Web

Track all major social channels, forums, blogs, review and news sites and discover your customer’s service inquiries and comments no matter where they are.

Route Tickets

Customer inquiries from social media are automatically ticketed, tagged, prioritized and instantly routed to your team of agents based on custom rules.

Instantly Know Your Customer

Provide more personal and relevant customer service by knowing your customers better.


Integrate and Connect Social Profiles

Enrich your social profiles with CRM data for a complete picture of the customer and have all the info in one place when an issue arises.

Engage Faster & Smarter

Complete conversation history ensures that the whole team is on the same page allowing them to provide a faster and smarter follow-up.

Build Lasting Relationships

Complete and up-to-date customer profiles helps teams deliver exceptional customer support and build lasting relationships.


Analyze and Measure Performance

Analyze the day to day performance of your customer service teams and individual agents. Ensure that your SLA’s and KPI’s are met with customized reports.

Measure Agent Performance

Measure the performance of individual team members and compare to defined SLA.

Track Team Performance

Get a real-time overview of team performance and capacity by looking at a single dashboard.

Customize Reports

Create your own social reports based on unique business requirements.

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See how Semanticum can help you transform Social Media into Customer Service.