Corporate Social Media Solutions

Built for the Brand

From efficient deployment to dedicated customer success, Semanticum equips large teams with an enterprise social media
management platform built to scale. Find the conversations that matter most in real-time to gain valuable insights. Protect your
brand reputation, track competitors, manage relationships, and improve your marketing strategies.

How Can Semanticum Help Your Brand?

Protect Brand Reputation

Be alerted in real-time to changes in sentiment or conversation volume. Catch and respond to crises before they get out of hand.

Get a real-time view of industry chatter, market preferences to help guide your marketing campaigns.

Extend Brand Reach

Find new relevant audiences to target. Identify and rank influencers and engage with them directly.

Custom User Roles

Set precise posting permissions, reporting access and controls at the individual and profile level.

Seamless Collaboration

Workflow management features like custom tagging, message approval and live updates simplify collaboration.

Open Integrations

Integrate with your existing solutions and share valuable insights across your organization.

Put Big Data into Visual Context with Semanticum Command Center

See the big picture of you company with streams of both social and online marketing data on a wall-to-wall command center display. Empower your internal teams and captivate customers through innovative visuals.

Semanticum Offers Powerful Solutions & A Strategic Partnership

With nearly 15 years of industry experience, our team can help you achieve your business goals and ensure ongoing success.

Easy Deployment

Customized onboarding and training ensure your team gets up and running quickly. Easy to implement and straightforward to use.

Dedicated Account Management

Get strategic guidance from industry experts on all your social efforts and ensure that your team get the most from the platform.

Outstanding Support

Semanticum customer support is committed to providing the assistance you need to meet your business objectives.

Make Smarter, Faster and More Informed Decisions with Semanticum Social Media Analytics.