Social CRM

Seamlessly Integrate Semanticum In Your Ecosystem

Integrate Semanticum data seamlessly and into your CRM, BI, Help Desk or custom-made solutions. We can customize your integration with all your solutions and enterprise software. Empower your teams to make the best decisions for the business.

Open Integrations

Our API lets you connect Semanticum to CRM, Help Desk solutions, enterprise software, and more. Integrate our real-time social media monitoring data to your enterprise platform and share social insights across all your teams and departments to power smarter and faster decision-making.

Custom Integrations

We can customize your integration based on your unique needs regardless of the size or internal structure of your organization. Equip your customer service, sales and marketing teams with the CRM tools to build and manage valuable customer relationships.

Social Customer Service

Help Desk Integratıons

Integrate Semanticum with your help desk solutions to keep social and support teams work across platforms without leaving their dashboards.

Social Crm

See the complete view of each customer including conversation history, contact records and editable notes shared across your entire organization.

Scale Social Across The Enterprise

Centralize Your Customer Base

Collect all your customer information and activities across social networks in one profile. Add CRM notes and enhance customer profiles with each interaction.

Collaborate Across Teams

Enable large teams to effectively work together. Manage workflows and automatically route social messages to the right teams in your organization.

Improve Marketing Strategy

Create targeted marketing campaigns through unified customer insights. Increase engagement, conversions and brand loyalty with timely and relevant customer experiences.