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15 Eylül 2023 tarihi itibarıyla
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Semanticum adına bu zamana kadar hizmet vermiş
tüm çalışma arkadaşlarımıza ve iş ortaklarımıza
katkılarından dolayı teşekkürlerimizi sunuyoruz.

Semanticum adına bu zamana kadar hizmet vermiş tüm çalışma arkadaşlarımıza ve iş ortaklarımıza katkılarından dolayı teşekkürlerimizi sunuyoruz.

Next-Level Social Analytics

Understanding consumers can help you protect your brand reputation, stay on top of market trends
and improve your marketing and sales strategies. Take your social insights to the next-level with Semanticum Social Media Analytics.

Real-Time Results

Advanced Filtering

Custom Dashboards

Automatic Reporting

Analyze Sentiment

We automatically analyze and assign sentiment to conversations so you can easily see what’s driving negativity and positivity.

  • Filter results by gender, age, location for a multi-dimensional view of your audience
  • Identify the source of negative conversations so you can prevent or control the damage
  • Track sentiment over time to monitor brand health and protect brand reputation

Get a real-time view of industry chatter, consumer opinion, market preferences and events to help you guide your marketing and sales strategy.

  • Understand which topics are being talked about the most
  • See correlation between keywords
  • Find related topics to see what else your audience is talking about
  • Get real-time alerts to sudden changes in conversation volumes or brand sentiment

Find Influencers

Find high-profile individuals around social media and the web who are talking about your brand, competitors or industry.

  • Easily find important people with built-in influencer scores based on their reach
  • Filter and sort your influencers by topic, influence, channel type and more
  • Automatically identify potential new influencers as they emerge

Perform Competitive Analysis

Benchmark your performance against competitors. Identify your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses by comparing share of voice, sentiment, location of mentions, and the most influential users talking about each brand.

Share Insights with Social Media Reporting

Automatically generate reports and share social intelligence with clients, colleagues and management.

Create custom reports and analyze the metrics that make sense to your business.

Improve Your Sales and Marketing Strategies

Know Your Audience

See how the people talking about your brand breakdown by age, gender, interests, location, sentiment and more. Integrate these insights into your CRM to develop products, services and marketing campaigns targeted at your audience.

Optimize Your Campaigns

Know what works by filtering and sorting campaign results by gender, sentiment, conversation volume. You can also track campaign results in real-time and make on the fly adjustments.

Study the Competition

Get detailed insights into your competition. Identify best practices and learn from their successes (or failures) to improve your marketing strategy and target new customers.

Make Smarter, Faster and More Informed Decisions with
Semanticum Social Media Analytics.