Social Media Data Visualization

Visualize Your Marketing and Social Data with
Semanticum Command Centers

See the big picture of your company with real-time streams of both social and marketing data on a wall-to-wall
Command Center display. Make real-time online conversations useful and visible to all departments across
your organization with Semanticum Command Center.

Actionable Insights in

Semanticum Command Center offers real-time displays to visualize social media KPIs critical to your brand, such as brand mentions, share of voice, trending topics and more. With these metrics displayed through stunning visual displays, you can equip all your teams to make smarter business decisions.


Display your data in meeting rooms, headquarters, marketing departments or board rooms.

Empower Your Teams

Showcase your online media results across your company and get everyone to focus on the metrics that matter.

See Beyond Silos

Bring together many divisions of your company and encourage collaboration once people can visualize and gain insights from multiple data sources.

A Command Center Fit for Your Brand

Semanticum Command Center’s are designed around your brand and unique business needs. We design the on-screen visualizations around your business structure, active campaigns and data sources you already use and combine it with an amazing view.


With custom design functions and flexible setup, we build Semanticum Command Center unique for your brand.

Custom Design & Branding

Tailor the visual style and design to your specific brand elements to get an impressive visual showcase of your brand.


Interactive and animated data, charts and conversations create a powerful showcase of your digital pulse in real-time.

Live Your Own Experience.

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