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Comprehensive Social Media and Web Monitoring

Everything is discussed online including your brand, your products and your competitors. Capture the conversations that matter the most in real-time across millions of online sources.

Protect your brand reputation, build valuable relationships and improve your marketing strategies.

28 Languages


Custom Queries

Local Websites

Find Relevant Conversations

Build Custom Queries

Just enter the brand names, keywords and hashtags you are interested in monitoring and Semanticum will find all relevant conversations as they occur.

Get Social Insights

Our advance filtering allows you to drill into conversations to find valuable insights. Sort and filter by topic, keyword, country, language, influencer score and more.

Cut Through The Noise

To ensure quality monitoring we offer automated noise removal with the aid of human assistance, as well as spam filters and duplicate detection.

Stay Informed With Real-Time Alerts

Be alerted to unusual spikes in mention and sentiment changes with real-time alerts. Catch and respond to crisis before they get out of hand.

Analyze Trends and Generate Reports

Sentiment Analysis

Easily identify positive and negative mentions of your brand around the web

Trend Analysis

Get a real-time view of market preferences, consumer opinion and trending topics

Competitor Analysis

Watch what competitors are doing and learn from their strategy

Find Influencers

Built-in influencer scores show you the most important voices

Create Reports

Automatically generate reports to share with clients, colleagues and management

Analyze Your Results

Create and share customizable reports based on your own metrics

How About
Time Travel?

Would you like to know your past marketing performance, the social media reflections of your competitors’ ad campaigns or even better, what the travellers expect from the travel industry?

With the all-new Semanticum Historical Search, you can run historical searches up to 2 years on the social media, news websites and blog archives, focusing on any topic or keyword.

Build your marketing strategy for the upcoming season with unprecedented business intelligence.

Visit today and apply for a free demo account.

2016 Aralık

What were the trending travel destinations last summer?

2016 Temmuz

What other interests do your customers share in common?

2016 Ağustos

What were the trending travel destinations last summer?

Include Your Whole Team


Team tools like tasks, tagging, approvals and user-level permissions simplify workflow across teams.

Never Share Passwords

Grant access to company social profiles and maintain control of your brand without sacrificing security.

Improve Customer Support

You can help your customers as soon as they need it by setting specific real-time keyword alerts and assigning task to team members.

Seamless Support With Helpdesk

integrate Semanticum with your customer care solution and automatically create, track and manage tickets to resolve issues.

Start Monıtorıng Today

Know what your audiences are talking about – boost your marketing strategy with Social Media Monitoring


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